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2664 SE 88th St

Runnells, IA 50237

[email protected]

For 30+ years, Pettiecord Restoration has received numerous reviews from happy customers. We hope to add your name to our list!

Customer Testimonials

We wish to commend Pettiecord Restoration for the Excellent + service provided. The workers were efficient, knowledgeable, asked questions of us when needed, were easy to approach with our questions/concerns, and provided detailed explanations. The workers shoveled 9" of snow from around the garage and house so they could work, readily took care of any unexpected issues, and worked as scheduled. When a problem did come up, they offered solutions, from which we could make an informed decision. The workers thoroughly cleaned the property and hauled away all debris.

-- Robert F.

I cannot send a referral assignment to you without receiving a call from out policy holders raving about how awesome you are. Your attention to detail and great communication with both the adjuster and policyholder make your company my go-to resource for assignments in your area. It's always reassuring to know that when Pettiecord is sent on an assignment we will be kept up to date and our policy holders will be happy.

--Brandon T., Nationwide Claims Specialist

Thanks so much for fixing me up yet again! I really appreciate your close attention to your customers and the quality of your service.

-- Karen S.

I'm writing to thank you for recommending Pettiecord Restoration to do the work on my home. They wasted no time in doing the job. I was impressed with the timely manner in which they did the work. One day and my roof was completed. The following day the ceiling in my kitchen was painted and finished within a matter of hours. Tim explained the steps involved in the process and helped ease my stress related to making a claim. I was even more impressed when I showed Tim a small hole that was torn in the screen while doing the roof and he took the screen with him to be repaired then took the time to bring it back out to me on a Sunday and put it back in himself. I would definitely recommend Pettiecord to friends and family.

-- Tanya K.

Tim Pettiecord and crew did a tremendous job on the roof. Tim also added a personal touch to details which was greatly appreciated also. The crew was very knowledgeable, professional, hardworking, and courteous. They came in, did their job, and cleaned up. Only way you could tell anyone was here is by looking at the nice new roof they left.

-- Sharon R.

Tim and the entire crew were professional, courteous and wasted no time in getting the job done. It was a pleasure to watch Augustine and the crew not only do an excellent job, but have a little fun doing it! Their craftsmanship and pride in their work truly shows and I would highly recommend Pettiecord Restoration to anyone.

--Cyndy B.

I would just like to say how pleased I was with the entire job. They were very professional, courteous, and knowledgeable with the entire procedure. They placed tarps around the base of the house and garage. They did a great cleanup of old shingles, misc. loose materials and nails. When it appeared they had completed the clean up, they ran the magnet over the ground several times. I did not find even one nail in the grass or the landscaping rock on the side of the house. I would highly recommend this company for any future jobs.

-- June V.

Within a couple days of filing the claim Pettiecord Restoration, LLC. was stripping off my damaged shingles and hammering on more. I still cannot believe the speed Tim was able to get a team scheduled that was amazing in and of itself. However, not nearly as impressive as the speed that the crew completed my roof. Tim said that they would be here at 6:30 am and they were here at 6:30 am. Shortly after I walked into the office around 8:00 am my wife sent me a notice that they were done with stripping the roof and the truck was there and shingles were on the roof. Before lunch, 85% of the roof was complete. My neighbors and I were utterly amazed at the speed.

-- Brandon S.

I write in regards to our experience with Pettiecord Restoration repairing our home after hail damage. Chad from Pettiecord and his crew did an outstanding job. Chad was extremely fast in explaining the protocols. The work was completed promptly. The crews were professional and knew their trades very well. This is a top notch team led by a great leader; Chad. I had may people in the neighborhood comment about how nice the roof looked and how fast it was done.

-- Anna C.

Pettiecord Restoration went above and beyond my expectations. His crews were fantastic, on time, conscience and friendly. I have never had a contractor call me at night or in the early morning to let me know what was going to happen that day or on Sundays to see if I had any questions. All his subs did a fantastic job and I couldn't be more pleased. Thanks for everything. No more waking up checking things out after a storm for me.

-- Steve L.

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